Letter from Royler Gracie about ADCC Super FIght with Eddie Bravo.


Here is the truth regarding my potential participation in an ADCC Super Fight.

I received a call from my cousin, Renzo, who told me that ADCC was interested in having me participate in their September event.  I told him that it would be a pleasure for me to once again compete for the ADCC organization. Renzo said that ADCC Vice President Guy Nievens would contact me to negotiate the terms of my contract, including the purse for the match.  The following day, the ADCC website reported the match and several media outlets contacted me. I stated that it would be great to once again train hard for a grappling match and that I was confident that we would be able to enter into a contract.  At that point no details had been discussed nor had I even spoken with anyone from the ADCC organization regarding this match.

Guy Nievens called me several days later to negotiate the contract terms for the match.  In my experience, these negotiations are always confidential. The very next day, I was shocked to learn that Mr. Nievens had disclosed certain details of our conversation to the public. Perhaps Mr. Nievens was attempting to trick me into entering into an unfair contract? Regardless of his motivation, it is deplorable that someone working for Sheik Tahnoon would, in my opinion, behave in such an unethical, unprofessional and disrespectful manner.

The Sheik is a distinguished man who has been instrumental in the growth of submission wrestling throughout the world. Mr. Nievens’ actions show, in my opinion, an inability to perform his duties as VP of ADCC and unworthiness to represent the Sheik.

Everyone knows that I am a fighter. I have never shied away from a challenge. Since I was 6 years old, I have fought hundreds of matches for free, just for the love of the sport. I have fought under sport jiu-jitsu rules, judo rules, submission wrestling rules, MMA rules and many times without any rules.

I have faced opponents sometimes twice my size. Cowardice is not a word in mine or my family’s vocabulary. Throughout my almost 40 year career, I achieved the pinnacle of my sport, including seven world titles.

When fighting in a professional event, after years of dedication, it is only fair and appropriate for me to ask for a reasonable purse that reflects my successful career in the ring and my unimpeachable conduct as a professional athlete.

Everyone who knows me understands that I will show up to any event well prepared. This entails me having to stop teaching classes and seminars for approximately two months with great financial cost to my family and me.

All I am asking is for the ADCC organization to cover these expenses.

I am still confident that the Abu Dhabi organization will treat me with the respect that I have earned and will come through with this match in the name of all our loyal fans and supporters.

Royler Gracie


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PBS Mixtape! Chiddy Bang   *Peanut Butter & Swelly*

Chiddddddy Baaaaannnnng! And we pretty much amazing!” Pretty much sum’s them up. Next installment in the Swelly series is here! Peanut Butter & Swelly. Great sampling (as usual). Great lyrics (as usual). This mixtape is on point! Packed with a bunch of solid joints. I’m still in shock that Chiddy pulled on that record for longest freestyle as well as most hours rapping. I watched about 4 hours of it…ah well.


Download Chiddy Bang – Peanut Butter & Swelly Mixtape

TRACK LIST BELOW!!! Continue reading

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Taiwan International BJJ/Grappling Championship

2011 Taiwan International BJJ / Grappling Championship

The 2011 Taiwan International BJJ / Grappling Championship is set for July 23-24, 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan.


July 23rd: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu / July 24th: No-gi grappling.
Venue: Taiwan University sports complex, judo hall
Division: Male/Female, Adult/Master
Weight and Rules: According to IBJJF
Online registration and payment will be set up. Please stay tuned for more info. 


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Machado Documentary! (video)

Heres a sneek Peek at the New jiu-jitsu documentary on the Machado family and jiu-jitsu lifestyle.

looks sick!

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Last day to sign up for worlds! find out who’s in!

This Wednesday the 25th marks the last day to sign up for the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship. A number of submission savants may still pop up on the roster, but the ones already confirmed at black belt are plenty guarantee sparks will fly at the pyramid in Long Beach, California. Don’t miss the chance to compete among the best in the world; sign up here.

While enrollment rolls along at a steady pace, check out some of the big names already on the roster and take a look at the divisions already promising fireworks. To check the full roster so far, click here. Continue reading

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WOW! ‘MG in Action’ offers US$ 10K for black belt champions!!!

MG in Action offers US$ 10K for black belt champions

Use the patch and go for the 10K

A Marcelo Garcia’s tweet promises to stir things up at the 2011 Worlds.

The four-time world champion, owner of, just announced that his company is offering US$ 10K to all black belt division champions in Long Beach.

Marcelo just explained how the division of the prize is going to happen: “The athletes who wear the MG in Action patch in their gi and win their black belt division final by points or submission will gain the right to divide the prize. The offer is for athletes of all academies.”

Marcelo also explained how athletes will be able to put the patch in their gis: “MG in Action will have a stand at the pyramid.”

Check back here for more info soon.


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Anticipation of a rematch between Tanquinho and Rafa Mendes!!


Tanquinho celebrating win over Rafael Mendes / Photo: John Lamonica

To prepare for the 2011 Worlds in Long Beach, Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes made a speedy return to the USA. Namely to Florida, where he is conducting a highly sought-after seminar at our GMA Renato Tavares’s academy, ATT Vero Beach.

Just after last weekend’s Brazilian Nationals, Tanquinho was sure of one thing: he would compete at lightweight. But… “When I arrived here I was lighter than usual. Now I’m not so sure, and Renato and the folks at ATT are pushing for me to drop to featherweight. I’m going to sign up at lightweight and then decide at the last minute.”

So now Tanquinho is between a rock and a hard place – and wherever he ends up, there’s a good chance of a riveting rematch.

Last Sunday at the Brazilian Nationals he was eliminated by Leandro Lo. “I beat him at the 2011 Pan by 4 to 0, and the kid’s good people, deserves the conquests he’s been seeing. In Abu Dhabi he came up and talked to me about the competition, said he’s not used to fighting big names. I told him there was no one to fear or respect – just go for it. After he beat Langhi he came and poured thanks on me for the words I shared with him. At the Brazilian Nationals the spell worked against me,” chided Tanquinho. “We’ll see, it’s 1-1 so far, and I want a tie-breaker. I really want to fight him again.”

However, should he drop to featherweight…

“Then the rematch will be a whole different war, won’t it? I’m going to try for a repeat of what I did against (current champion) Rafael Mendes in Abu Dhabi. At least I proved it wasn’t impossible. However it plays out – at feather or at lightweight –, I’ll be well prepared,” said Augusto in closing, in his ever-calm manner.


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Marcelo is on the way.

As Monday came to an end, Marcelo Garcia posted a rare tweet from @marcelogarciajj.

“I was invited to ADCC 2011today. Really anxious to fight,” he said.

The way is now open for a possible fourth encounter between Marcelo and Pablo Popovitch in the under-77kg division.

The score stands at 2-1 in Garcia’s favor, but Popovitch is the current champion.

As the days go by, ADCC 2011 is filling out with the greatest virtuosos of the grappling arts.

Stay tuned to for all the ins and outs and breaking news regarding ADCC 2011, and in August the GRACIEMAG at the ADCC Blog will start up again.

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KRON GRACIE WINS IN ITALY “Cashing checks and breaking necks in full effect . . . Euro style!!”

Kron Gracie wins in Italy Kron Gracie won the Italian Professional event, amongst his opponent’s were Gilbert “Durinho” Burns, who Kron submitted by choke. Kron writes: “Cashing checks and breaking necks in full effect . . . Euro style” Congrats to Kron Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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Brazilian Nationals goes off!!!

The Brazilian Nationals absolute division just wrapped up at Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Tennis Club, and you can keep up with the action on Twitter. Follow masters @judsonborges and @fabiogurgel to find out what’s going on – with pictures and everything.

The open weight semifinals were defined at 4:40 pm. Sergio Moraes (Alliance) was matched with Nivaldo Oliveira (CheckMat), while Marcio Pé de Pano was set to face Léo Nogueira (Alliance).

In the first semifinal, Nogueira swept and passed the devilish guard of Pé de Pano, winning the battle by 5 to 0.

In the second, Sérgio Moraes started out by launching a foot assault and sweeping Nivaldo: 2 to 0. The CheckMat athlete did not bow down, returning the sweep and tying the score. Sérgio thus won by two advantage points to one, and the Alliance aces closed out the absolute. “But there’ll be more tomorrow,” said a vibrant Moraes, as he made his exit.

The four semifinalists survived a riveting 32-man absolute division. Sérgio secured his spot by submitting Ricardo Evangelista in the quarterfinals via triangle. Nivaldo made it past Augusto Ferrari. Now Pé de Pano overcame lightweight Leandro “Lo” with an armbar in the quarterfinals. Léo Nogueira is also having a good run, having overcome Theodoro Canal with a wrist lock.

Stay tuned to for more coverage of the Brazilian Nationals.

Brazilian Nationals – absolute champions

1994 – Amaury Bitetti
1995 – Fabio Gurgel
1996 – Antonio “Nino” Schembri
1997 – Roberto “Gordo” Correa
1998 – Saulo Ribeiro
1999 – Murilo Bustamante
2000 – Marcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz
2001 – Fernando “Tererê”
2002 – Alexandre “Café” Dantas
2003 – Fernando “Tererê”
2004 – Xande Ribeiro
2005 – André Galvão
2006 – Marcelinho Garcia
2007 – Luiz Felipe “Big Mac”
2008 – Alexandre Souza
2009 – Tarsis Humphreys
2010 – Bernardo Faria
2011 – Sérgio Moraes/Leonardo Nogueira


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